Our extensive range of high quality, efficient bollard lights comprise of many different designs, most of which are available in various heights. The ultra-durable yet appealing designs make them ideal for both domestic applications as well as commercial installations. Whether illuminating driveways, pathways, gardens or public spaces, or to enhance security around premises, we have the range you require. Ranging from smaller post lights up to larger, commercial bollard lights with anti-vandal features.


Lumena bollards are crafted from high-grade materials, such as Marine Grade Stainless Steel (316), 3mm thick extruded Aluminium, Radiata Pine and Solid Brass. These create a modern look which are also weather resistant and require little maintenance. Our entire illuminated bollard range are compatible with LED light bulbs, allowing many more options. Not only will LEDs reduce energy consumption, but with removeable LEDs, there is always a choice in how bright the light will be as well as the colour of the light. When the LED eventually comes to the end of its life, it can simply be replaced without the need to replace the entire bollard, which costs money and time.


Many of our stylish designs are exclusive, incorporating alternative options which may not have even been considered before. Our Garden Green bollards are particularly suited to Golf courses and other rural areas where the light source is required to “disappear”, blending in with natural surroundings such as grass and foliage. This is a great alternative to the usual, and more common, black finish. Lumena also offer a range of commercial bollards (Ledifice and Stelled) which are specifically designed to accommodate large corn bulbs. These are high output, 20W LED bulbs will illuminate much larger areas, with the louvres if the head designs preventing any unwanted glare.

over 400 illuminated bollard variations stocked!

For security conscious users, Lumena exclusively offer dusk to dawn bollards. These specialist products use clever technology as an automatic light sensor. Consequently, this adds security but reduces energy waste.



The Lumena team are a small, tight-knit work family. We all work very closely together and have learned each others quirks over the years spent with one another, Ben and Leanne now having spent over a decade together! We like to develop great relationships with our customers and are always on hand to help wherever we can.

Although we all have our own individual roles, we also cross over and cover other areas. Ben and Bonnie are the first port of call for all sales and technical queries, as well as fulfilling their own roles in management, design, marketing and operations. Elliot assists Ben, our Design and Marketing Manager, with product imagery, web listings, social media, newsletters and many other areas of design. Jane is now busy Managing the Warehouse Team whilst keeping one foot in the door in the office, and Lenka continues to work extremely hard, keeping our Book Keeping and Accounts in order. Leanne, our General Manager, is also very hands on in all areas, working closely with our Managing Director, Martin, managing everything from day to day workloads to website optimisation, stock and logistics.